Technical Diver Instructor

Producing highly qualified and employable professionals with advanced teaching ratings and certifications.


Increase the number of classes that you can teach and become part of the fast growing set of technical
diver instructors. Delve into different gas mixtures to safely extend your bottom times and depths. Learn
how to plan these dives and to teach new students the joys of technical diving.


Course work includes in-depth study of technical diving, as well as, diving experience and teaching


Our Program includes the following courses:

  • Tec 40 Diver
  • Tec 45 Diver
  • Tec 50 Diver
  • Rebreather Diver
  • Tec Trimix Diver
  • Tec Instructor
  • Tec Deep Instructor
  • Tec Gas Blender Instructor
  • Tec Trimix Instructor
  • Tec Sidemount Instructor

This program is now covered by GI Bill education funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost: $15,600.00

Additional Fees:

How and where do I signup?
To signup please email, call (252-728-2265) or just stop in to Discovery Diving (if using Tuition Assistance please see below).

How long will the program take?
To graduate, the student must complete all of the classes. This could take approsimatley 5 months, depending on how dedicated the student is and how often they dive.

How often will I be going to classes/diving?

The student is not required to take a class every weekend, but if they wish to complete the program faster, we will generally have dives available for them to take at least once a week. Most classes will be held on weekends. But for example: Enriched Air specialty just requires classroom time, so we may schedule them on weekday evenings and some classes i.e. the Advanced Class may class time on a Friday evening to expedite the dives that following weekend. We are flexible; we understand that we have to work with many different schedules. We are eager to have students complete the program so we will do everything that we can to accommodate your needs.

What do I need to do before I Start My Class?

  1. Tell all your friends you are taking SCUBA diving course and ask them if they would like to join you.
  2. Schedule an entrance interview.
  3. Please complete the Medical Form enclosed with your student package, please get your Medical form signed by your doctor since you are entering into a professional program.
  4. You will need to provide your own mask, fins, booties, and snorkel. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a personal fitting prior to your first day of class, please give us a call.
  5. If you need any other gear besides the gear mentioned in the above statement, we do have gear for rent.
  6. Note class times and date. Promptness is appreciated.
  7. Collect high school transcript and submit to DDC.

Where do I meet for my first class?
Students will need to come to Discovery Diving Co. 414 Orange St. in Beaufort NC 28516 252-728-2265(SCUBA OK)

What do I need to bring for my first class?
 You will also need to bring your bathing suit/towel on the first day, as well as your full SCUBA kit.

How do I sign up for VA/GI Bill funding?
  1. Download, fill out and bring back in a copy of the Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Download a copy of the Course Catalogue and the training schedule, please note that attendance is mandatory but understanding that some students are still active duty we will do what we can to work around operational commitments.
  3. Apply for or transfer your VA/GI Bill Benefits:
    • If you have not yet applied for your VA/GI Bill Benefits you need to download and fill out VA .
    • If you have already used some of your benefits you'll need to transfer the remanding funds to us and can do this by downloading and filling out VA .
    • This can all be done online at .
    • When applying, the name of the school is Discovery Diving Co., Inc. and the name of the program is Scientific Diver Program for Elite Professionals.
  4. Collect high school transcript and submit to DDC
  5. Return the Enrolment Agreement with copies of any SCUBA certifications we can apply for credit.
  6. You'll then receive an acceptance letter and receipt of transfer credit information.
  7. Depending on the type of VA/GI Bill benefits you qualify for there are a few other things you'll need to know:
    • If you are post 9-11, you are pretty much done. Tuition and fees will be paid directly to Discovery Diving, books and supplies money will go directly to you.
    • If you are pre 9-11, you will need to certify that you are attending monthly (submit forms online) and you will be responsible for paying the tuition monthly once you've received your monthly stipend.
  8. We can not guarantee that your VA benefits will pay for this as we do not make the call on who gets the benefits or what amount. You are ultimately responsible for the cost of the course ($9,700.00).

What does the VA/GI Bill cover? The VA/GI Bill will currently pay the $15,600.00 which covers tuition and books. Also you will need to apply for any Per Diem or Stipends directly.

Is lodging available? We will have discounted lodging in one of our Lodges on a space available basis.

Where can I go for more information?For more information on the program, please call Discovery Diving Co. at 252 728 2265 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where can I go for more information about my VA/GI Bill benefits? For more information on using your VA/GI Bill benefits, please click the following link:

How do I sign up for the program and receive TA funding?

Where can I go for more information on Tuition Assistance?


Where can I go for more information?
For more information on the program, please call Discovery Diving Co. at 252 728 2265 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are there any additional costs that TA does not cover?
Yes. Tuition assistance does not cover your scuba gear or the text book. You will be responsible for bringing your gear to your first class (see above question). Overall, buying high quality gear will cost you about the same amount as renting gear for the duration of your program.